Information for Clients

Dialectical Behavior Therapy combines cognitive behavioral techniques with mindfulness practices to help clients develop emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness skills. It was developed by Marsha Linehan and has been shown to be the most effective form of treament for reducing suicide and self-injury and improving quality of life for persons with emotional dysregulation. 

DBT might be an appropriate treatment for you if:

  • You eperience emotional, interpersonal, behavioral, cognitive, or self-dysregulation
  • You have been diagnosed with a condition that has shown to be effectively treated by DBT*
  • You are able to meet your basic needs*
  • You are willing and able to interact with others respectfully in a group setting
  • You are seeking treatment voluntarily
  • You are willing to commit to a 12-month program that will ask you to actively work towards changing problematic behaviors
  • A medical provider or therapist has suggested that you might benefit from DBT

*See our Criteria for Treatment for details

Due to heavy demand, we are currently only accepting referrals from medical or behavioral health providers for clients who meet the criteria for our program. Please ask your therapist or primary care provider for a referral. 

  • Each DBT Skills Group is $45 per session ($30 if paying cash). Payment is coordinated by DBT skills trainers and may be able to be billed to insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. DBT skills group meets for 24 weeks. Missed sessions are not refundable.
  • Each DBT Graduate Group is $10 per session. Payment may be made by cash, check, or credit card. We do not bill insurance or Medicare/Medicaid for Graduate Group. Missed sessions are not refundable. Graduate Group is an optional component of the program.
  • The cost of individual DBT sessions varies by provider. Kim McDonald-Markuson and Amy Weiss are able to bill private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid; Kali Neumeister is able to bill private insurance and Medicaid; Teri Wells is able to bill some private insurance; and Renee McGrath offers private pay services on a sliding fee scale only ($0 – $60/hr based on family size and income). Weekly individual DBT therapy is a required part of the DBT Program.  Payment is due at each session for a total of 48 weeks. Clients who cancel without 24-hour notice or do not show for a session will be billed the entire session fee..

Our comprehensive DBT program requires that your primary therapist be able to provide DBT individual therapy and telephone coaching, and participate in weekly DBT consult team in accordance with the Linehan model. If your therapist is not able or willing to do this, we can assign you a DBT therapist to work with for the duration of the program. 

At this time, we don’t have enough room in our DBT Skills Groups for clients other than those who are participating in our Comprehensive Program (which includes individual DBT therapy, telephone coaching and a clinician consult group in addition to DBT Skills Group).