DBT Fees and Payment

While many DBT Programs cost more than ours, we believe treatment is only treatment if the people who need it most can access the services they need.  Think about the financial investment in this DBT Program and all of the potential benefits.  Now think about the hidden cost of not committing to treatment (e.g., missed work, missed school, cancelled family outings or vacation, disrupted evenings, and increased anxiety).  And what about the emotional cost of trying the same things that haven’t worked over and over?

  • Each DBT Skills Group is $45 per session ($30 if paying cash). Payment is coordinated by DBT skills trainers and may be able to be billed to insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. DBT skills group meets for 24 weeks. Missed sessions are not refundable.
  • Each DBT Graduate Group is $10 per session. Payment may be made by cash, check, or credit card. We do not bill insurance or Medicare/Medicaid for Graduate Group. Missed sessions are not refundable. 
  • The cost of individual DBT sessions varies by provider. Kim McDonald-Markuson and Amy Weiss are able to bill private insurance, Medicare and Medicaid; Kali Neumeister is able to bill private insurance and Medicaid; Teri Wells is able to bill some private insurance; and Renee McGrath offers private pay services on a sliding fee scale only ($0 – $60/hr based on family size and income). Weekly individual DBT therapy is a required part of the DBT Program.  Payment is due at each session for a total of 48 weeks. Clients who cancel without 24-hour notice or do not show for a session will be billed the entire session fee.
  • Clients make a commitment to a DBT Program of 48 weeks. More than four consecutive absences (in either individual therapy or skills training) represents a client deciding to drop out of the program.  Clients may be allowed to re-enroll in the program at the end of the original contracted period if both team therapists and the client believe it will be beneficial.