Information for Clinicians

We are always seeking clinicians with interest and training in DBT to collaborate with. Joining our team would involve a willingness to provide individual DBT, offer telephone coaching to your clients between sessions, help facilitate skills groups, and meet with our clinical consult group weekly. Contact any of our team members for more information!

Clients may be appropriate for our comprehensive DBT program if:

  • They eperience emotional, interpersonal, behavioral, cognitive, or self-dysregulation
  • They meet criteria for a condition that has shown to be effectively treated by DBT*
  • They are moderate to high functioning*
  • They are willing and able to interact with others respectfully in a group setting
  • They are seeking treatment voluntarily and are willing to commit to a 12-month program that will ask them to work towards changing problematic behaviors

*See our Criteria for Treatment for details

Our comprehensive DBT program requires that the client’s primary therapist be able to provide DBT individual therapy and telephone coaching, and participate in weekly DBT consult team in accordance with the Linehan model. If you are not able or willing to do this, we can assign your client a DBT therapist to work with for the duration of the program. 

We run DBT skills groups on a rolling basis throughout the year. New clients are added to skills groups at the beginning of each module (approximately every four to six weeks) if space is available. Clients who attend skills group must also receive DBT individual therapy (either through our program or from an outside therapist trained in DBT). We currently have a waitlist for our comprehensive DBT program. Contact any of our clinicians to get your client on our waitlist. 

The Missoula DBT Collaborative is a collective of individual therapists who have separate private practices. We run the program and consult on cases together. When we accept referrals of clients from agencies, we do so according to the principles outlined in our agency agreement

At this time, we do not have enough clinicians to run skills groups for clients who are not part of our Comprehensive DBT Program (which includes individual DBT therapy, telephone coaching, and a clinician consult group in addition to DBT skills group). If you’re interested in collaborating with us to offer more DBT skills groups, please contact one of our clinicians for more information about joining our team!