Comprehensive DBT

Our Comprehensive DBT Program consists of four components:

  • Clients commit to at least one year of individual therapy with a DBT-trained therapist.
  • They also agree to attend weekly group skills sessions for at least six months.
  • In between sessions, clients can receive telephone coaching from their primary therapist to help strengthen their skills.
  • Our DBT therapists also meet weekly to discuss cases and make sure that the treatment is being implemented according to the research model. 

DBT Skills Group

DBT Skills Group only may be appropriate for clients who do not have any high risk behaviors (suicidal ideation, self-harm, substance abuse or eating disorders). In our skills-only program, clients would continue individual therapy with an outside therapist and attend a 24-week DBT skills group through the Missoula DBT Collaborative. Telephone coaching is not available to skills-only clients. 

DBT for Adolescents

We offer a DBT program for adolescents and their families which includes weekly DBT individual therapy, DBT skills group and telephone coaching. Support is also provided for family members.