Comprehensive DBT

Our Comprehensive DBT Program consists of four components:

  • Clients commit to at least one year of individual therapy with a DBT-trained therapist.
  • They also agree to attend weekly group skills sessions for at least six months.
  • In between sessions, clients can receive telephone coaching from their primary therapist to help strengthen their skills.
  • Our DBT therapists also meet weekly to discuss cases and make sure that the treatment is being implemented according to the research model. 

DBT Graduate Group

After clients have completed a 24 week DBT skills curriculum, they have the option of joining DBT graduate group for continued support. DBT graduate group meets weekly for one hour. It loosely follows the DBT skills group model in terms of structure, but the material presented is chosen with input by participants and  builds on basic DBT knowledge. DBT skills group also provides an opportunity for clients to process challenges that they may encounter with applying DBT skills in their lives. 

Family Connections

Family Connections™ is a free, evidence-based, 12-session course created by the National Education Alliance of Borderline Personality Disorder (NEA-BPD) that meets online for 2 hours and requires 1-2 hours of homework/practice weekly. It provides education, skills training, and support for people who are supporting a sufferer of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)/Emotion Dysregulation (ED) or BPD/ED traits. Family Connections™ is based on research funded by the National Institute of Mental Health. Survey data from previous courses show that after completing the course, family members experience decreased feelings of depression, burden, and grief, and more feelings of empowerment.